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Sports Icons

for LiveJournal

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Welcome to LiveJournal's sport icon community--Join the Team!

An icon community to make, share, search for, and distribute icons of athletes, sports figures, or sports in general. This includes major league, minor, and everything in between!

You'll find our rule set is no different than any other icon community:

  • There is no reason for this community to sink into icon drama, petty disputes, or flame wars. So play nicely. Or else.
  • At this time, requests are allowed, but if the community grows very rapidly, or the amount of requests being made become ridiculous, this may change
  • We do not allow posts wondering how to achieve a certain effect or seeking assistance with some aspect of icon making unless icons are featured prominently in that post! Posts just asking "How do I put borders on my icons?" will be deleted (unless, the post also contains icons up for grabs), and the poster given a warning. Don't make me warn you twice. Refer to icon_tutorial instead.
  • We are first and foremost an icon community, so please don't just post wallpapers, Friends Only banners, etc. without including icons in your post
  • Remember: LJ cut-tags are our friends! Please have mercy on members with slow connections and super-busy Friends' Pages

Interested in becoming an affiliate? Contact the community moderator!